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Cartesian DataSciences

Cartesian DataSciences is the Americas Division of Cartesian Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We’re based in Dallas, providing advanced analytics services to clients located the Americas, plus global services to dozens of top US-based brands.

Our work includes marketing mix modeling, customer segmentation, customer lifetime-value models, attribution, predictive models, cross-sell / up-sell models, market basket analysis, pricing and promo optimization, and analytics of text, web and digital data.

The team consists of 200 people, located at 3 delivery centers — all highly skilled at statistics and machine learning. Tools and methods used in various projects include regression, clustering, random forest, boosting, Markov chains, genetic algorithms, Pareto/NBD (negative binomial distribution), support vector machine, collaborative filtering, time series forecasting and linear programming.



Service Models

Two Key Segments in Analytics Services

In the world of outsourced analytics services, two service models can be identified: the factory model and the boutique model. Players within these two models are very different from each other in important ways, so it’s helpful to describe the differences . . . and where Cartesian fits in.

Popular Project Missions

Convert First-Time Visitors to Repeat

We build a bounce curve and identify which particular customers need a nudge to make the all-important second purchase, and also exactly when to do that. (Often the nudge is a very attractive offer.)

Drive Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is, of course, a function of purchase frequency plus product range plus retention, but attempting to increase product range usually does not work early in the customer lifecycle. Rule of thumb: Get three purchases first before trying to extend the range. We’re very good at this.

A typical Year One achievement would be 18% increase in purchase frequency.


Popular Project Missions


They are extremely intelligent, hard-working people. They correspond promptly with you, and they...

International Pizza Chain, Indonesia

Chief Executive Officer
Cartesian Consulting has been able to add a high degree of value to the loyalty program analytic...

Fashion and Lifestyle Company, India

Head Omni Channel and Consumer Practices
Cartesian Consulting is outstanding on analytics. They have real understanding of loyalty and an...

Beauty Services, India

VP Marketing
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