Insight vs Automation

Insight generation and Automation are separate streams of work expected of an Analytics team, without adequate recognition of the separate skills and effort they take. We put up a point of view of how one may progress on both streams without necessarily having a large team.

Insight Vs. Automation: Managing the two

We believe there’s a case for separation of Insight generation and Automation, when it comes to Analytics, especially for loyalty or CRM programs. We’re realized over time that there is a Science + Engineering duality one is constantly dealing with in the work we do – and it’s often cyclic with one or the other taking front-and-centre at different points.

Some instances where the duality comes to fore:

  • Organizations want insight from their data. But they also want automated daily campaigns.
  • They want customer segmentation. But they also want to improve data capture at source.
  • They want insights for product recommendations. But they also want a recommendation engine they can deploy in-store.
  • They want to know who has a propensity to churn. But they also want dashboards.

What’s important is that the thinking and skills that go into the two streams are quite different. One needs to recognize that fact, and grow both streams in parallel, it marketing agency tag-teaming the stages. Here’s our view of how the streams may be developed over time.

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